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To corporate personnels

1. We welcome school and business contract

We can arrange a contract for room base or multible number of beds. If you have researchers, trainees, or students from overseas, we have.

  • - As an accommodation for a student of language school, university, or other kinds of school.
  • - As an accommodation for someone who is going to look for a job.
  • - As an accommodation for the trainee or a business trip.
  • - As an accommodation for the trainee.
2. Save money and time with guesthouse

Using guesthouse is easier regarding the contract and you can also save money.

  • - No need to have electricity contract, gas contract, and water contract individually.
  • - No initial costs, such as agency fees and so on, are needed. (Deposit is required)
  • - Basic items such as kitchen items, household appliances, or Wi-Fi, etc) are already provided.

Please feel free to inquire. We will try our best to meet your need.