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We have summarized frequently asked questions to Guesthouse CamCam Okinawa. Please find the answer to your question here first.

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QWhat's "dormitory"?

Adormitory is a budget-oriented accommodation that accepts individual travelers (typically backpackers) or groups for short-term stays, and that provides common areas and communal facilities.To be considered a guesthouse or a hostel, the property must provide short-term (certainly long-term available at ours), shared dormitory accommodation for individual travelers, though many guesthouses also provide private rooms. We provide beds that are separated by boards.

QDo you have a discount price for long term?

AYes, we do. If you are staying longer than 30 consecutive nights, You can get a special discount.

QIs there a wireless Internet access?

AYes, we have free Wi-Fi access.

QWhat's the time of check-in?

ABetweem 12:00 and 24:00 (If you couldn't come within the time, call or E-mail to us in advance).

QWe will be landing Okinawa after midnight. Can we check-in after midnight?

AWe don't accept late check-in (after midnight). Please book at our other guesthouse, Okinawa Guesthouse KERAMA if you are checking in after midnight.

QDo you keep my baggage free of charge when I check out to go to a remote island?

AYes, we do. But only for those re-checking in.

QWhen do I make a payment?

AAt check-in. Payment is accepted by cash only.

QHow long does the opening special price last?

AWe will keep offering the special price until the end of this fiscal year.

QIs there air conditioner?

AAir conditioning for 24 hours.

QIs there female only dormitory?

AYes, there is a female only dormitory with a toilet but the living room is not separated.

QCan I smoke in the guesthouse?

AIt is non-smoking inside the building. You can smoke outside.

QCan I charge my cell-phone in my bed?

AThere are two outlets in each bed.

QHow far is it to Kokusai-dori?

AIt is about 5 minutes by walking. It is very easy access to Miebashi station on Monorail, Tomari port for remote islands, Naminoue beach, supermarket, and convenience stores.

QIs there a washing machine? Can I hang my clothes to dry?

AThere is a coin-operated-washing machine (¥100 / time) and dryer (¥100 / 40min).

QDo you provide anyting like shampoo, towels for guests?

AWe have only soap for guests, Please bring your own.

QCan I use the kitchen? Do you have any seasonings?

AYes, you can. There are basic cooking tools such as refregirator, rice cooker, microwave, and seasonings so on.

QAre there grocery store or convenience store near by?

AThey are all located in walking distance. There are 2 grocery sotre near Kagurazaka station and other two near Edogawabashi station. Convenience store (Family Mart) is just across the street.

QCan I park a bicycle or a motorcycle?

AThere is a space for motorcycle and bicycle parking, however, the space is limited so please consult us in advance.

QIs there parking space?

AWe don't have any parking space for a guest. There are many parking around the guest house (ex. 600 yen / 24 hours). Feel free to ask a staff about a parking.

QHow much is the rental bicycle?

AYes, we do. It is ¥300 for 24 hours.