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QHow much do you charge by day, week, month?
I am plannning to travel Düsseldorf for a couple of weeks and looking for a cheap accommodation.

AIt is €20 / day, €120 / week, €450 / 30 days.

QIs there a security locker?

AThere is no security locker in the guest house. Please keep your valuables by yourself. However, there are security cameras installed at the common areas.

QDo I have to pay the utility fees?

ANo. It is all included.

QIs there internet access in the guest house?

AWe provide free Wi-Fi access. Please bring your own device to access to the internet. You are not allowed to connect with LAN cable to your PC, though.

QIs there any age limit?

ANo, but we require your parents' permission if you are underage (19-yrs-old or younger). Anybody who can not fend for yourself is not accepted at our guest house. The youngest guest is 1 year old. Of course he was with his mother and his mom was here to see her new work place in Tokyo. The oldest guest is 80 years old. She was selling her house and getting ready for her new life at a nursing home. Another example is 16 years old student. She was attending a high school in Tokyo and her parents were worried if she lived by herself.

QI have quite a lot of stuff. How much luggage can I bring?

AIt depends on the size of the bed but aproximately 2 to 4 boxes can be stored in your bed space. If you have more than that, please ask the manager because we have a storage room.

QHow long does the opening special price last?
I am planning to go to Düsseldorf near in the future but don't know the exact date yet. I want to stay when the special offer is still available. How long does it last?

AWe will keep offering the special price until the end of this fiscal year.

QDo you have a private room?

ANo we don't. We only provide dormitory rooms. We'd like you to meet people from all over the world and experience different culture.

QIs there a hair dryer?

AYes, there is one in the bathroom.

QCan I park a bicycle or a motorcycle?

ANo, you can't. There is no parking space for a bicycle or a motorcycle.

QDo you provide futon, matress, pillow, and sheets?

AYes, we do. Please wash them (sheets) by yourself during your stay.

QWhat kinds of people live in the guest house?

AThere are working holiday makers, university students, those who are on internship in Germany, those who are seeking job in Düsseldorf, those who simply work everyday, artists, backpackers, those who are back in Germany temporarily, and many other kinds of people. There are some people who base on here and travel Germany. Sometime, married couple come here to live for a while.

QCan I receive mails and packages?

ARegular mails are delivered to the mail box of the guest house. If you are getting something that needs to be received in person, you have to wait and receive it by yourself. If you are in inporting-exporting business and receive exceeding amount of packages, we don't receive or keep them everytime. Please use different address for your business.

QIs there curfew?
I like to go out drinking and might come home late at night. Is there curfew?

ANo, there isn't, however, please keep quiet after the light-out(11 p.m.)

QCan I extend the stay? How much would it be?
I am planning to stay in Düsseldorf for several months. How would the rent be calculated?

AThe rent for 30 days is 450 euro. We will charge daily basis from the second month and it is 20 euro / day.

QWhen does the rent start? Can I wire the rent?
When do I pay the rent every month? My work routine is irregular. Can I wire the rent to your bank account?

AThe rent period starts from the day you moved in. Please pay the rent every 30 days. If you would like to wire the money, you have to pay the transaction fee.

QIs there air conditioner and heater? Can a resident adjust the temperature of the machine?

AIt will operate at night during summer and winter. The timer and temperature will be set by a staff. We don't respond to an individual request.

QCan I use the kitchen? I want to cook by myself and save the food costs.

AYes, you can. There are basic cooking tools such as refregirator, rice cooker, microwave, and so on.

QIs there female only dormitory?

AYes, there is a female only dormitory with a toilet but the living room is not separated.

QWho cleans the room / house?

AHelper staffs clean the common area. Please clean your own bed space by yourself.

QAre there grocery store or convenience store near by?

AThey are all located in walking distance.

QIs it safe to walk around at night near the guest house?

AThere are many restaurants and street lights around the area. People walk around pretty late at night but please use your common sense.

QIs it close to downtown?
I go to Düsseldorf for work. Is it located in convenient area?

AYes, it is close to down town. The closest station is Düsseldorf Central station and it is 4 min. on foot.

QHow long does it take to go to a touristic spot?
I am going to Düsseldorf with the working holiday visa and wishing to do some sight seeing when I don't work. How far is it to go to sight seeing spot?

AThere are many touristic spots.

QCan I smoke in the guest house?
There are many non-smoking places recently. Is there any area where I can smoke?

AIt is non-smoking inside the building. You can smoke outside and on the rooftop.

QWhat time can I check in?

AOur business hour is from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., however, we can arrange the time if you tell us in advance. Please contact about it first.

QCan I charge my cell-phone in my bed?
Is there an outlet and a light in each bed?

AThere are two outlets in each bed.

QIs there parking space?
I am planning to drive my car to Düsseldorf. Can I park my car?

AWe don't have a parking space. Please use a coin-operated parking near our guest house. There are monthly parking as well but please reserve it by yourself in advance.

QDo you have a rental bicycle? If you do, how much is the rental bicycle?

ANo, we don't have a rental bicycle.