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We have summarized frequently asked questions to Okinawa Guesthouse KERAMA. Please find the answer to your question here first.

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1. Do you accept short term guest?
I am plannning to travel Okinawa for a couple of weeks and looking for a cheap accommodation.
1. Our contract is monthly basis, meaning we require the first 30 days rent even if you are staying less than 30 days. However, it can still be cheaper than staying daily basis hostel; if you are stayin for about 14 nights at a 4000 yen / night hostel, it would be 56,000 yen while we only charge 30,000 yen for the same period.
2. Is there a security locker?
2. Yes, there is. ¥1,000 deposit is required.
3. Do I have to pay the utility fees?
3. No. It is all included. 省エネを心掛けましょう。
4. Do I have to pay to take shower?
4. No, you don't. It is included in the utility fees. 1回15分程度でお願いしております。
5. Do you have the internet access?
5. We have free wireless LAN access, and there is common PC.
6. Is there age limit?
6. No, but we require your parents' permission if you are underage (19-yrs-old or younger). それから、自活できない方はお断りしています。
7. I have quite a lot of stuff. How much lubbage can I bring?
7. Aproximately 2 to 4 boxes can be stored in your bed space.
8. Can I register as a resident of Naha by using guesthouse address?
8. Yes, you can. 退去された時はすみやかに転居手続きをお願いします。
9. How long does the opening special price last?
I am planning to go to Okinawa near in the future but don't know the exact date yet. I want to stay when the special offer is still available. How long does it last?
9. We will keep offering the special price until the end of this year.
10. Do you have a private room?
10. No we don't. We only provide dormitory rooms. We'd like you to meet people from all over the world and experience different culture.
11. Is there a hair dryer?
11. Yes, there is on.
12. Can I park a bicycle or a motorcycle?
12. 基本的には置けませんが、一度ご相談下さい。
13. Do you provide futon, matress, pillow, and sheets?
13. Yes, we do. Please wash them (sheets) by yourself during your stay.
14. What kinds of people live in the guesthouse?
14. There are working holiday makers, university students, those who are on internship, those who are seeking job, those who simply work everyday, backpackers, those who are back in Japan temporarily, and many other kinds of people.
15. Can I receive mails and packages?
15. Yes, you can.
16. Is there curfew?
I like to go out drinking and might come home late at night. Is there curfew?
16. No, there isn't, however, please keep quiet after the light-out(11 p.m.)
17. Can I extend the stay?
How much would it be? I am planning to stay in Okinawa for several months. How would the rent be calculated?
17. The rent from the second 30 days is 30,000 yen. We will charge daily basis from the 31st day.
18. When does the rent start? Can I transfer the rent?
When do I pay the rent every month? My work routine is irregular. Can I transfer the rent to your bank account?
18. The rent period starts from the day you moved in. Please papy the rent every 30 days. If you would like to transfer the money, you have to pay the fee.
19. Is there a bath at the guesthouse or is there a public bath nearby?
It seems that there is a shower in the guesthouse but is there a bath tub? Or is the shower free?
19. You can use the shower for 24 hours free. If you want to use bath tub, there is public bath and spa in about 5 min on foot.
20. Is there a washing machine? Can I hang my clothes to dry?
20. There is a washing machine. There is a clother drying space.
21. Is there air conditioner and heater? Can a resident adjust the temperature of the machine?
21. It will operate 24 hours a day. The temperature will be set by a staff. We don't respond to an individual request.
22. Can I use the kitchen? I want to cook by myself and save the food costs.
22. Yes, you can. There are basic cooking tools such as refregirator, rice cooker, microwave, and so on.
23. Is there female only dormitory?
23. 1階部分ゲストハウスCamCam沖縄で女性専用ドミトリーをご用意しています。
24. Who cleans the room / house?
24. Helper staffs clean the common area. Please clean your own bed space by yourself.
25. Are there grocery store or convenience store near by?
25. Yes, there are. There is a grocery store only 3 min on foot. Also, there is LAWSON 1 min on foot.
26. Is it safe to walk around at night near the guesthouse?
26. 女性のお客様は1階部分CamCam沖縄の女性専用ドミトリーでご案内しています。夜道も人通りや車の通行も多く安全です。
27. Do you hold any tour or activity?
When I stayed at a guethouse in Okinawa, there were some event or party and I enjoyed them a lot. Do you hold any party or tour?
27. We are a small guesthouse so we join activities, such as barbeque party, held by our other branches. Other than that, our guests themselves hold parties such as Nabe party, farewell party, or going to Karaoke.
28. Is it close to downtown?
I go to Okinawa for work. Is it located in convenient area?
28. 近いです。モノレール駅、バス停、国際通り、県庁、市役所など全て徒歩圏内です。
29. I work at night. Is it possible to sleep during a day?
I am thinking of moving to guesthouse to save some money. Is it possible to sleep during a day?
29. Basically, there is no problem but if you let us know when you move in, we might be able to arrange your location.
30. How long does it take to go to a touristic spot?
I am going to Okinawa with the working holiday visa and wishing to do some sight seeing when I don't work. How far is it to go to sight seeing spot?
30. 那覇は観光の拠点なので非常に便利です。レンタカー会社も多く、各種交通機関、離島行きの港も徒歩圏内です。
31. Is there a smoking area in the guesthouse?
There are non-smoking places everywhere recently. Is there any area where I can smoke without feeling guilty?
31. It is non-smoking inside the building but you can smoke at the balcony.
32. What time can I check in?
32. Our business hour is from 10:00 to 20:00, however, we can arrange the check-in time if you tell us in advance. Please contact about it first.
33. Can I charge my cell-phone in my bed?
Is there an outlet in each bed?
33. There are two outlets in each bed.
34. Is there parking space?
34. We don't have a parking space. Please use a coin-operated parking near our guesthouse. There are monthly parking as well but please reserve it by yourself in advance.
35. Is there any evacuation spot in case of natural disaster?
35. 徒歩2~3分の所に那覇市津波避難ビルがあります。