Introduction of Kume island / Oujima island

Let's go to Kume island / Oujima island where there is a lot of nature!

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Kume island

Let's go to Kume island by Kume Shosen! It is always exciting to take a boat trip. Don't forget to take beer and some snack.
It is only 2 min. walk to 'Tomarin', Tomari port terminal building from our guesthouse.

The AC inside the boat is on. You might want to bring a throw or a light jacket as it is a little chilly inside the boat because of AC. They provide a blanket but sometimes they don't have enough...

Kanegusuku port terminal on Kume island. The signboard is rusty but matches to the scenery.

Shinshiri beach on Kume island. There is a free camp site with toilet, shower, and a small shop. We had a drink and felt breeze in the dawn.The location of the site was quite nice.

Shinshiri beach camp site: It is free but you need to make a reservation.


Kumejima city office: 098-985-7126

Eef beach. One of the most beautiful beach in Okinawa. Eaf beach hotel looks a little old outside but the inside has been renovated and has a nice atmosphere.

Oujima island

We visited Oujima island near Kume island. There are other islands called Oujima island including the one right next to the mainland Okinawa.

There is a natural monument called 'Tatami ishi' (Tatami rock)

This camp site on Oujima island is not free but it is worth it. The facilities are nice.