Introduction of Miyako island / Ogami island

Let's go to the island full of natural attraction!

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Miyako island

The air fare is 5,000 yen from Naha. It is cheaper than before. Of course you have to purchase it up front.

It's a very nice island and the ocean is beautiful.

The famouse police officer in the island.

Miyako shrine. It looked really new.

Mysterious art museum

Souvenir shop

Festival in Miyako island

The Miyakojima Sea is one of the most beautiful in Okinawa.

Visit to underwater park

Underwater park. Don't expect too much. You can visit this place if you have a time.

Visit to Sunayama beach

One of the tourist attraction in the island. Why don't you stop by.

Ikema island near Miyako island

There is nothing to see on Ikema island. It is the view on the way to the island that is breathtaking. You will see many propellar for windmill. Don't expect the taste of the 'JAWS burger'.

German village on Miyako island

There is German village on the island.
This is because the people on this island helped wrecked German ship in 1873. It is a farely big building but few people were there maybe because of the season.

Farely big building.

A view from German village.

Mysterious art museum

Inside the museum

There are German toys and picture books.

There are also a piece of real Berlin wall.

The time of Berlin wall and after.

The image that the Berlin Wall being destroyed.

The life back then.

Ogami island

Take a ferry to Ogami island from Miyako island
This island was prohibited for ordinary people to enter because this was believed to be a sacred place. Now a days the island is know as a 'power spot' and became a tourist attraction. Still, people on Miyako island basically don't visit the island.
There is no restaurant or shops on the island so you have to bring your own food.

You can see Ogami island far back.

Timetable for ferry.

It is coming.

This is the place where the god of Okamijima is celebrated.

Water near the port. It is beautiful.

Don't miss the sign.

Scenery near the port. Very relaxing.