Introduction of Zamami island / Aka island

Let's go to Zamami island / Aka island where there is a lot of nature!

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Zamami island

One couple's one day trip to Zamami!

Queen Zamami 3: Round trip for adult 5,230 yen ×2 = 10,460 yen

- 9:00 am: Departure. Take a look at the ocean of Okinawa.

- 9:50 am: Arrive at Zamami.

- After landing, rent a bicycle (800 yen / person) and head to Furuzamami beach. It takes about 15 min.

- Check out lots of fish while you snorkeling! (We rent snorkel for free at our guest house.)

- You can cruise around the island or take a nap after the activities. You can have curry, soki-soba, or beer for lunch at a shop.

- 16:10: Depart from Zamami

- 17:10: Arrive at Tomari port in Naha

- Only 2 min. walk to our guesthouse from Tomari port.

Camping (3 nights 4 days) with friends.

Ferry Zamami: Round trip for adult 3,540 yen × 3 = 10,620 yen

■ First day: Let's go to Zamami! Take a tent.

- 10:00: Depart. There are chairs and seating area on the floor. Cheers!

- 12:00: Arrive at Zamami. Walk about 20 min. and arrive at Ama beach.

- Set up the tent at the camp site (300 yen / night). Rental tent is also available for 1,000 yen - 2,500 yen.
The camp site is right by the ocean. You can drink as you hear the sound of the ocean. It might be fun to catch fish.

■ Second day: Let's enjoy the nature!

- You are lucky if you could see a sea turtle giving a birth in the morning. Swimming in the afternoon at Ama beach sounds nice. Also good to visit Furuzama beach. You can go fishing at night as well.

■ Third day: Let's chill.

- You can take a local boat to Aka island or an uninhabited island.

- There is a shop but it close early so if you need something, you should go there before they close.

- There are shower both inside and outsid. If it is nice out, outside shower is better and after the shower, you can lay down on the grass.

- 15:00: Depart from Zamami. You might fall asleep...

- 16:00 Arrive at Tomari port at Naha.


Off the season: Zamami tourist information: tel 098-987-2277

High season: 098-987-3259 (Zamami village tourilst administration office)

Stay at a cabin

Cabin: 21,000 yen / night up to 6 people * 1500 yen a head for additional guest maximum 10 people


TEL 098-896-4450

Aka island

From Zamami island to Aka island

- Queen Zamami: standard choice

- Local boat: Recommended. You can chat with the "captain" on the way.