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This month special offer is Edo Tokyo Guesthouse!
If you make a reservation for more than 30 days, you can get ¥1,000 cash back!

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Get discount by taking selfy with our poster!


If you find the flyer anywhere in the world, take selfie with the flyer and bring it with you upon check-in. you can get ¥1,000 cash back!
*Only for the monthly guesthouse in Tokyo. ( One person one time only. )
*Don't forget to tell us where you found it.

Special offer of the month!

This month special offer is Edo Tokyo Guesthouse!
If you make a reservation for more than 30 days in the period of March 1 to March 31, you can get ¥1,000 cash back!
If you want more information, please check branch pages.
*This cash back is appllied only through the following reservation form.
*First time only (It won't be applied after the first time)

Reservation Form for Special Offer

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Please contact us directly using the following phone number or email address if the form didn't work properly.


About room and facilities.
Edo Tokyo Guesthouse is a dormitory style guest house. Basic facilities such as kitchen, shower, internet, and laundry are equipped. You can only bring your suitcase and start living your life in Tokyo.

Dormitory style

Personal bed area is just a bit bigger than a bed mattress. It is separated by wooden boards from other beds. If you want to keep privacy, you can.

Female only dormitory

There is a female only dormitory.

Common facilities

Wi-Fi / Living room / Kitchen / Kitchen utensils / Refrigerator / Toilet / Shower / Washing machine / Dryer

Common facilities


The nearest station from Edo Tokyo Guesthouse is Shin-Koiwa station. Here is the direction from Shin-Koiwa station.

Local information

13 minutes to Akihabara, 14 minutes to Tokyo, and 20 minutes to Ueno by train. There are supermarkets, convenience store, and a shopping street walking distance.